United Nations' Model

The United Nations’ Model is a simulation of the United Nations’ bodies. In this project, participants take on the diplomatic role of representing an assigned country, with the mission to bring cultures, idiosyncrasies and interests closer, leading a debate about topics of global interest and proposing projects to solve them. To carry out this task, High School students must investigate about global issues to later debate and participate with the use of diplomacy and dialogue as key tools, within the framework of an international body (the UN). The purpose of the project is to foster the critical spirit and citizen engagement of our students, building the United Nations’ Model as a space for instruction where young participants learn key values, principles and mechanisms about the peaceful settlement of social issues and conflicts, putting them into practice by means of an active simulation that, at a second level, contributes to the transference of knowledge and tools about relationships and international bodies.

EMUN Conference in Argentina
It is organized by the English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate (ESSARP) and it is carried out in English, simulating the United Nations’ bodies based in New York.

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Within a bilingual education framework and from the different academic levels, Del Solar School takes on the responsibility of providing students an education that promotes learning situations through all their projects.

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