Shakespeare’s Festival

The magical world of the most famous English playwright, William Shakespeare, is a source of inspiration. Year by year, it awakens in our students the curiosity and interest in exploring the huge legacy of this famous writer.

This year, once again the Primary and Secondary Levels embarked on the beautiful world of Shakespeare through diverse artistic fields: theater, poetry, drawing, short films, graphic design and music.

At the Secondary Level, students from 5th and 6th year worked with their teachers Nadia Fantina, Martín Almeida, Josefina Casanova and Paula Olaya to stage Macbeth and got the 3rd Prize in Drama. In Poetry, in charge of Ms. Nadia Fantina, students got the 2nd Prize, like in Arts, guided by Nadia Fantina and Paula Olaya. Students in 6th year, accompanied by their teachers Nadia Fantina, Josefina Casanova and Martín Almeida, presented the short film Lear that got the 1st Prize. They were also granted the 1st Prize for the category of Graphic Design, in charge of Mr. Almeida.

In Primary School, students guided by Ms. Nadia Fantina, got the 1st Prize in the category of Drama. The same recognition was granted in Poetry with a sonnet written and interpreted by three students of 6th grade: Birth Song, also accompanied by Ms. Nadia. The Moonshine work got the 2nd Prize in the category of Plastic Art, in charge of Ms. Marcela Lucero. In Music, Ms. Ana Laura Galarraga worked with the choir of 6th grade students in the vocal arrangements and interpretation of Sing Joyfully, which got the 1st Prize.
The outstanding performance at the IV Shakespeare Festival, which was the result of students’ and teachers’ participation in the artistic production process, led to the achievement of the “Shakespeare Prize” for the second year, which resulted in our school being named “Shakespeare School”.
We are truly proud of these achievements and they motivate us to continue embracing the excellent work students and teachers carry out through the path of improvement, effort and perseverance with the support and assistance of their families and the team of Principals:

Lic. Isabel Oms, Prof. Patricia Salvucci and Prof. Patricia Erize

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Within a bilingual education framework and from the different academic levels, Del Solar School takes on the responsibility of providing students an education that promotes learning situations through all their projects.

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