Emotional education

Multiple studies provide evidence that the process of learning to express and control emotions begins during the first five years of life. It is during this early period of deep learning that we can make the difference. The way to teach to regulate and express emotions begins when we understand what and how a child feels and we make them know about this.

Our institution caters for an emotional education program in all its levels. We believe it is essential to incorporate affective and emotional aspects in the teaching-learning process to provide significance to it in order to provide the pillars of a comprehensive education.

That is why the institutional management team, together with our health professionals, and teachers approach situations of continuous instruction, reinforcing and providing healthy learning examples that highlight singularities and foster the social being, generating communicative and reflective spaces for our students and their families.

The commitment to emotional education involves four essential situations: emotional self-knowledge, emotional regulation, empathy, social skills and conflict resolution. The stimulus, modelling and development of these emotional competences within the academic space enables students to foster personal resources and wellbeing, create healthy interactions and positive relationships, and promote their learning possibilities.

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Within a bilingual education framework and from the different academic levels, Del Solar School takes on the responsibility of providing students an education that promotes learning situations through all their projects.

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