Atelier of Ideas

In the Atelier, amazement emerges. It is a space designed to perform activities of artistic creation in a unique but changing environment We create an atmosphere of comfort and wellbeing and at the same time, amazement and, essentially, protagonism. This is based on the principles of “The Hundred Languages of Children” by Loris Malaguzzi, the creator of The Reggio Emilia Approach.

Inside the Atelier, every unique child freely looks for their path among the corners proposed by the Atelierista based on exploration and artistic creation. The child’s protagonism in their own learning and the relationship with other children is the basis to foster their inherent possibilities to tirelessly navigate the world and decode it. It does not mean to offer the reproduction of a work of art or different styles or artistic movements. In this space, the senses are boosted by means of multisensory experiences, which allow every child to express themselves and reinterpret the reality they live in. Here students develop their point of view and foster their interest in learning and the connection with different experiences they create day by day, both inside and outside it. Therefore, in the Atelier children experience the creative process and the possibility of materializing the learning processes, reflecting these different world views and bringing the family closer in order to be part of this road.

The Atelierista conducts, guides and contributes to the child’s learning process, bringing closer the language of Art in all its magnitude, by:

  • Fostering the pleasure of learning
  • Connecting knowledge
  • Favoring the importance of aesthetics
  • Introducing and reinforcing the pedagogy of “The Hundred Languages of Children”
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Within a bilingual education framework and from the different academic levels, Del Solar School takes on the responsibility of providing students an education that promotes learning situations through all their projects.

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