Principal word´s

Our educational project

Our school, Colegio del Solar, is committed to providing our students - at all levels - with educational experiences that promote learning through a variety of projects from the first years of schooling within a bilingual framework.

We strongly uphold our commitment to the teaching of values, especially by fostering solidarity both inside and outside our school community. The teaching of English as a Second Language is of utmost importance. Our Bilingual Programme starts at Kinder and our students are taught different subjects in English throughout their Elementary, Middle and High School education, which enables them to obtain an international accreditation awarded by the University of Cambridge.

Sports, drama, music and all forms of art are highly valued at our institution. Therefore, we encourage our students to express themselves through these activities. Principals and teachers work cooperatively together, serving as a model to our students by providing opportunities for teamwork and actively encouraging parents to take part in our school activities. We believe that it is possible to provide our students with an integral education and that education is the seed of change in society. We are aware that, in the near future, our students will contribute to this change. This is the reason why - at all levels - we foster an environment in which our students become aware of the value of knowledge and effort by encouraging them to study, investigate and become active thinkers, since these skills are essential for their personal and social development.

We welcome requests on the part of those people who think that our Educational Project may suit their interests or simply those who would just like to meet us.

Colegio Del Solar